Scott Donaldson Professional Snooker Player

Updated progress on the season!

Hi people,

So my last blog was just before I went to China in mid June and quite a lot has happened since then, as well as my website being down for a little bit. Sorry if it caused any trouble for anybody!
My first tournament was the Yixing Open in China (known as an APTC here) and I had a fine run to the quarter-finals. I won 4 good matches including Tian Pengfei and Oliver Lines. Robert Milkins beat me 4-1 in a close match, more than the scoreline would suggest. Then on to the Wuxi Classic where I was drawn to play a Chinese wildcard Chen Zifan. I started off well in the match but ended up being a pretty poor performance and lost 5-3. I’d hardly slept the night before but I’ll always not use anything to say it affects my game! Then on to Australia where I was playing Stuart Bingham and again it’s a game that I will definitely not want to remember. I played in my own opinion one of the worst games of my career and lost 5-0. Can’t play well all the time I suppose! Anyway, it was a great holiday afterwards the tournament in Bendigo where I spent time in Melbourne & Sydney with my parents :)
Recently I’ve played in the Shanghai Masters and won one match then lost a very high standard match to Andrew Higginson 5-4. Good luck to Andrew, one of the nicest blokes on tour!
I’m also just back from Furth in Germany playing in the Arcaden Paul Hunter Classic. I reached the last 32 stage of the event winning against former World semi finalist Joe Swail 4-2 and Chinese Li Hang. I lost to fellow scot Alan McManus out there and again it was a good match.
Next tournament will be the Indian Open in late September!
All the best folks

The start of my new season!

Hi folks,

The new snooker season has started already – it’s never ending! That’s what professional sports men & women like though and I’m no different. The first tournament of the season was down in Gloucester for the Wuxi Classic last 128. I beat Stuart Carrington 5-2 to progress to China in mid-June which I was pleased with. Then, after that one it was on to the Australian Goldfields Open Qualifiers – I would need 4 wins if I was to progress to Australia. I done exactly that. I beat Saqib Nasir, Jimmy White, Robbie Williams & Kurt Malfin to earn a trip down under! So I’ll be jetting off to China, then on to Australia and back home again. I better get some air miles then…
Scott :)

PTC Finals

Hello people!
I’ve recently been involved in the PTC Finals in Preston at the Guild Hall. After finishing 8th on the Asian Tour Order of Merit I qualified for the finals, a proud achievement. I then drew Ronnie O’Sullivan – a tasty match!
Anyway, I went in to the match on good form and felt very confident indeed. I played the match and the arena table really was catching me out completely with it playing very differently to what I expected. I came off to a 4-0 defeat by O’Sullivan but not disappointed as I know I’m playing much better than what I showed in the match, I’ll need to get used to these main tables! :)
World Champs next month, should be good.
Scott. 😀

Busy Busy!

Hi everyone,
I’ve been travelling so much since the last blog I did – I’ve been to Gloucester, Newport in Wales, two cities in China, and countless airports!!
First – in Gloucester I was there in February for the China Open Qualifiers where I played Welshman Michael White and it didn’t go quite to plan for me I must say. Michael played awesome and the few chances I did have I just didn’t get going at all and when that’s the case you often find no favour fortunes you. It’s sport! 5-0 was the result but I came off still feeling confident about my game. Continue reading Busy Busy!

PTC Gydnia – Poland

I hope everybody had a nice Christmas & New Year.
I’ve just played my first tournament of the year here in Poland with a run to the last 64. I beat James Cahill (European Under 21 Champion 2013) in my first match, it was a rusty performance but I got the win. I played Ian Burns in the last 64 and played very nicely indeed, but with no fortune favouring me in the match, I lost 4-1…it’s sport!
I’m happy with the form I’m showing leading up to the China & Welsh Open Qualifiers next week. Until then,

Happy Christmas everybody!

Hello guys & girls,
I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all the people viewing my website, fans, friends, family a real nice time at Christmas. Thanks very much for the support. Now, don’t put on too much weight 😀
Scott D :)

Another trip to China!

I’ve been in Barnsley this week for qualifiers for the German Masters & Haikou World Open. In my match in the German masters I played world number 12 Joe Perry, but lost 5-0 and it really didn’t happen at all for me that day. It’s just the way it goes sometimes eh. In the Haikou World Open I was up against hugely talented Jack Lisowski from Gloucester, I won this one 5-3. Now another long haul trip beckons to the far east!
Have a nice Christmas and new year everyone 😀

Last 32 in York

Hello there!
I’m back from the UK Championship in York after a couple of excellent wins over Matt Selt & Mark Davis, then just losing out to Joe Perry 6-3. The highlight was beating Mark Davis in round 2 6-5 in the main arena, making a clearance in the last frame to win. I’ve no regrets with my performances and hope to continue in that vein. Next stop is Barnsley next week for the German Masters & Haikou World open qualifiers.

UK Championship update

Hi folks,
Just a wee update here in York while I’ve got a few minutes. I beat the world number 50 Matthew Selt in the first round 6-4, a very tough match. I’m now in to the last 64 and play top 16 player Mark Davis on Sunday morning.
Thanks for the support :)

On my travels again :)

Hi folks,
Been out n about last couple of weeks. In Gloucester for the European Tour 6 where I beat Lee Page in my first match and lost to Mike Dunn (again, I’ll get him next time!!!!) in the last 64 but came off the table not too disappointed as I played good. I’m just back from Belgium where I notched up another couple of wins over Adam Duffy & Duane Jones and lost in the last 32 to Welshman Ryan Day, a close match that could have went both ways, 4-2 it finished. UK Championships next, in York on the 29th of November. Keeping ma heed doon! Until then :)