European Snooker Champion 2012

European snooker champion Scott Donaldson praises his parents for their support

 Jun 19 2012 by Andrew Welsh, Perthshire Advertiser Tuesday

Scott Donaldson European Snooker Champion 2012
Scott Donaldson “Snooker Champion of Europe”

SNOOKER star Scott Donaldson yesterday praised his parents for their part in his European Championship success.

The Perth potter clinched the continent’s amateur title in style when he defeated Ireland’s Brendan O’Donoghue 7-3 in the final in Latvia last Thursday.

And yesterday he hailed parents Hector and Sheila, of Cedar Drive, for showing him the road to success.

“My dad has paid me into tournaments over six or seven years and my mum has helped too,” the teenage star told PA Sport.

“Dad has believed in me since an early age. I was down and wanted to quit when I was 13 because I thought this wasn’t for me and he picked me up.

“He’s spent so much money on me that it’s his title as much as mine.”

Scott (18) said he was still in a state of euphoria after his incredible title win, which has earned him a two-year pass into the professional game.

“I left school two years ago and thought I would give it a shot at going full-time, but I didn’t know how it would work out,” he admitted.

“To get my pro ticket by winning such a big tournament is a massive bonus. I went close at the Cue School last month but this is miles better.

“To win the main European Championship when I’m 18 is just brilliant.

“Now I’ve got to come to terms with it and make sure I don’t change. I can’t afford to be too arrogant about it.

“I need to push on. This is where is starts now and I hope to compete with the best players in the world.”

Scott described the reaction to his sensational triumph from friends and Perthshire people as “unbelievable”.

“When I potted the final ball I couldn’t answer any messages because my phone had almost melted it was so full,” he laughed.

“There were over 200 texts, and the number of people who have contacted me on Facebook and ‘liked’ it is amazing.

“It’s been a good feeling but I need to tell myself that I’m still the same person and that I can’t afford to be too cocky.”

A black ball finish to the crucial 10th frame saw Scott close out the final in dramatic fashion.

“When that black ball went in it was incredible,” he said.

“It felt like all the hard work had paid off. I was so nervous and twitching all over the place.

“I came top of my group of five so I was the top seed out of 16 groups going into the knockout phase.

“The pressure was on, because usually the number one seed doesn’t win it in tournaments like that.”

But he revealed that he didn’t have a chance to celebrate at the Baltic venue.

“I had to leave half an hour after the final because it took four hours on a bus to get to the airport and I had to fly out at 11pm,” said Scott.

“I just got packed then left, but I wasn’t really bothered I felt so good.

“Since then I’ve just been resting. I’ve been absolutely shattered.

“Now I need to get things sorted out with World Snooker regarding my membership and a tournament entry pack.

“The first event for me will be the first UK Players Tour Championship at Gloucester on July 18.”

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